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An Overview: How Genrise assists Indian youth to pursue a rewarding nursing career in Germany after their higher secondary education

The population of Germany is ageing rapidly. In addition, it is one of the top three countries with a significant elderly population. Consequently, Germany needs new nurses every year, and a study estimates that 1.5 lakh more nurses are needed in the next five years.

Due to a shortage of young workers, Germany’s healthcare facilities are not properly utilized despite having the best healthcare Infrastructure and Technology in the world.

With advances in technology, the need for qualified nurses servicing the elderly has increased. The German nursing workforce, particularly Indians, has a great deal of opportunity for professional advancement and equitable compensation due to a lack of Healthcare Nurses in Germany.

To pursue an apprenticeship at a German hospital, you need to have at least a B1 level of German. Language skills are necessary for most nurses working in Germany since they need to be able to communicate in German.

The profession of nursing is regarded as an apprenticeship in Germany, where candidates must work and study simultaneously. You will undergo practical and theoretical instruction in nursing for three years after being selected for an apprenticeship. Additionally, you will receive a monthly stipend of about 1,000€ to 1,200€.

Benefits of Studying Nursing in Germany

Handsome Salary

Nursing positions in Germany are well-paid as compared to India. A nurse’s annual salary in Germany averages roughly 33,000 EUR, or around 2,800 EUR gross each month. This amount varies depending on your experience, education, location, and shift.

Favourable Working hours

As a nurse in Germany, you have the option of scheduling your shifts according to your preferences. There would be 38-40 hours per week, you would be paid if you are working overtime and extra shifts, and 5-6 weeks of paid vacation per year. This technique allows you to balance your time between work and other commitments.

Permanent residency

This is an incredible opportunity to obtain permanent residency in Germany, which will eventually lead to citizenship. After 6 months of work, you will be eligible to apply for a German Family Reunion Visa.

Free education

A good academic background is the first criteria for admission in German universities and colleges. You must have a great academic record because most German colleges admit students depending on their academic performance. Other academic achievements that boost the odds of receiving a scholarship, in addition to strong grades, are listed below:

A certificate of good character.

Academic heads’ letters of recommendation

Involvement in extracurricular activities.

Winning international academic competitions such as Science and Mathematics Olympiads.

More scope for career growth

The majority of nurses begin their employment in a specific department or unit. Many nurses are promoted to team leaders after a few years when they head their shift and have certain managerial responsibilities. As a result, their responsibilities and earnings are increasing. Once a nurse has progressed to upper management, the possibilities are limitless. Teaching future nurses in vocational schools is a popular career route for senior professionals. As a result, they switch careers entirely, from practical medical work to scholarly work.

Genrise offers vocational nursing courses. A stipend of €1000/ per month will be provided during the training period while studying Vocational Training in Germany. It also assures that one would be having a job at the end of completion of the course. It also has an easy finance option available. The nursing degree obtained here would be valid throughout all EU countries.

Selection Process Of Genrise:

  1. The Initial Screening of the candidate will be done followed by Document Verification. After Successful completion of the initial Screening & Document Verification, a CV will be created for the students.
  2. Our Partner German Training centre will conduct an interview and issue a conditional admission letter. The Student Consultants of Genrise will guide students to clear the interview.
  3. German Language and Culture Training up to B1 level will be provided by our German Language Training School in India. After Successful Completion of training, candidates will apply for Goethe Examination.
  4. After receiving B1 Level Certificate, Documentation And Visa Processing will be processed By Genrise Team.
  5. B2 Level German Language Training by our German Training Center will also be conducted parallel to Visa Application in India for 4 Months.
  6. Students can move to Germany after 4 Months to study Nursing at German University.

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