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Overview of the Hospitality Sector for Young Indians in Germany

The hospitality industry is a subset of the service business. It mostly entails addressing client satisfaction and catering to guests’ requirements. Dealing with difficulties like housing, facilities, and travel arrangements can help with this. However, for the sake of brevity and clarity, it is still necessary to divide the concept of hospitality into three pieces.

The hospitality industry’s purpose is to offer clients with a pleasant experience. Whether that delight comes from a delicious dinner or a restful night’s sleep away from home, ensuring that each individual guest is well taken care of is critical.

Germany is one of the best places to work in the world, especially for those from nations like India who desire to work in other countries. Germany has a long history of welcoming qualified specialists, highly trained persons, and skilled labour!

The hospitality sector mostly focuses on

Hotel receptionist

They may be responsible for greeting guests as they arrive, handling the check-in and check-out process, answering inquiries and requests, and assisting with front-desk administrative work. The hotel receptionist must be dependable and capable of working independently with minimum supervision.

This field requires impeccable grooming, excellent communication skills, and a pleasant demeanour. Knowledge of the local area, particularly the locations of famous tourist attractions, as well as good planning, organising, and multi-tasking skills, would be required of front desk staff/receptionists.

Front desk workers must be courteous and patient, have good phone manners, and be able to operate well under pressure because they are the hotel’s first point of contact. The ability to relate to people from all cultures and backgrounds is a necessary skill for front desk employees and receptionists.

A career as a hotel receptionist entails a lot of paperwork, so it’s best for someone who is organised and has a knack for paperwork.


Germany offers a variety of job options for competent individuals with a diploma or degree in their field of study, such as hotel management and culinary arts graduates.

The following is a list of hotel jobs in Germany, together with their typical salary:

Receptionist – €22k,

Waiter/Waitress – €24k,

Hotel Manager – €53k,

 Executive Chef – €50k,

Receptionist – €18k,

Restaurant Manager – €38k,

Hotel Manager – €77k,

Chef – €44k

Flight attendants, also known as Air hostesses, cabin crews, and stewards, are airline professionals whose job it is to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers on both domestic and international flights. Air hostesses can work on domestic, international, commercial, chartered, and military planes. An air hostess’ work entails a lot more than just arranging the passengers onboard. On a plane, an air hostess has a lot of tasks. He/she greets each passenger, directs them to their seats and settles them in, and coordinates security, among other things.

The main responsibilities of an air hostess include

Conduct pre and post-flight checks, assisting passengers in deplaning, briefing passengers on flight rules, checking safety equipment, aircraft cleanliness, seat pockets are up to date, and that all meals and stock are on board, welcoming passengers and directing them to their seats, informing passengers on aircraft safety procedures, and ensuring that all hand luggage is secured and stored away, making announcements on behalf of the pilot, and answering questions, generating flight reports, managing emergency situations onboard, safeguarding the health and safety of all passengers at all times, maintaining cabin systems on the aircraft, operating aircraft equipment and systems, and giving medical care and advise to passengers.

An air hostess’ work is both glamorous and lucrative. The pay scale differs depending on whether you work for a domestic or international airline. The pay on an international airline is significantly higher than on a domestic airline. A salary of RS. 25,000 to RS. 40,000 is offered by the domestic airline.

You will have the opportunity to travel to many diverse and new areas as part of your job. You’ll also receive exposure by meeting a lot of new individuals. Staying in high-end hotels is only one of the numerous benefits of working as an air hostess.

The nicest aspect of working as an air hostess is that you will have the opportunity to master a variety of skills.

Germany’s hospitality business is vibrant and expanding. More than 16,000 rooms and 200 hotels were added to the industry in 2018.

The hotel industry is expected to expand in the future, thanks to an increase in visitor arrivals. During the first half of 2019, foreign visitors stayed in the country for more than 39 million nights.


Hence, Germany is a good place to explore if you wish to make your career in the hospitality sector.