Open Seminar on Study and Work in Germany || Venue & Date: Monnet House -10, Masjid Moth, Greater Kailash-2, New Delhi, 26th June 2022

Requirements of a Nursing Career in Germany

Nursing is a wide-ranging vocational field with never a dull moment in the workplace. A person who works with people who have a wide range of problems and issues will never be bored. Every day, new patients arrive, requiring new decisions and presenting new difficulties to tackle, keeping everyone on their toes.

Nurses who are qualified can take advantage of good social security and employee benefits in Germany. Because workers pay taxes, the German government is highly concerned about them. The country can afford to support persons who are unemployed due to a disability, illness, or retirement because of the working population.

The desire for foreign nurses to work in Germany is unquenchable. This, according to our projections, will further rise. In the approaching years, foreign nurses and male nurses are likely to have plenty of job prospects. It is thus never too late to begin learning German and planning a job migration to Germany to work as a nurse here.

 Language Proficiency

At least B2 level German proficiency is required as language will be the main medium of communication. You will learn how to care for and comfort sick patients during their recovery time. This entails advising patients on the best health options, administering recommended medication, and monitoring their general health. Adapting to the German language will help you communicate better with their patients and create a better rapport, which might fasten their recovery period.  Not just them but Nurses will have to communicate with fellow nurses, doctors and patients’ families, therefore, knowing the language is a necessity.

 Resistance towards blood and wounds

In this field of study, one is exposed to wounds blood and a lot of views which is conventionally very disturbing. Nurses should have the ability to resist the feelings which arise after the nurse is exposed to such a sight.

 Minimum Academic Qualification

Minimum qualification in the field of science is required by the nurse to carry out their learning in Germany. Nursing being strictly being oriented towards the science background, passing marks in the science subjects is a necessary pre-requisite. The board should be the standard of the country. (CBSE, ICSE and IB in India). The grades earned will be judged based on the German marking system and therefore will go through the process by taking an assessment test or going through an adaptation phase where marking will be done via German standards. The German professional recognition that you have earned is valid throughout Germany.

Good interpersonal skills

Empathy is the ability to understand what another person is going through from their perspective. For nurses, this entails putting themselves in their patient’s shoes and attempting to comprehend how they view their surroundings. Along with medications, patients also require a fair amount of mental assurance. A nurse who would understand their emotional needs and treat them accordingly will help the patient recover sooner.

Being emotionally stable helps the nurse have control over their emotions. It makes them more efficient to give people the care and psychological support they require. With this skill, they would be able to concentrate, solve problems and keep their patients safe.

Nurses are a connection between patients, family, and doctors. They cannot afford to make a tiny mistake, as it can cost the patient’s life too.

Healthcare providers utilize communication as a healing technique to build interpersonal interactions with their patients. Verbal and non-verbal communications make their patients feel more comfortable and more open. This helps them to break the barriers of communication and do their job better.

Critical thinking is the ability to objectively evaluate data and reach rational conclusions. Nurses need to have this quality so that they can deal with crises of patients. In circumstances when the pressure is very high, they need to think on their feet.

Being organised is one of the most important attributes for nurses, and it includes a variety of skills such as neatness, the ability to prioritise and delegate, and the capacity to successfully manage time.

Besides all these factors the applicant must submit all their documents in the German language as it is necessary for documentation purposes. There is no age limit for enrolment and therefore after senior secondary education people can apply for nursing in Germany. People can even pursue their masters or gain some experience before they apply for nursing opportunities in Germany.

 Clear criminal record

You’ll need documentation that you don’t have a criminal past to establish your dependability. Providing a certificate of good conduct from your nation of origin will help in this.

Medical fitness

You must confirm that you are physically and psychologically healthy and hence qualified for a nursing career by having a German doctor certify you

 How can Genrise help Indian Students to study in Germany?

Learn and Earn

Paid training with a stipend of 800 Euros (INR 72,000) as a preliminary step. Since leaving your home and settling in another land requires a lot of courage and financial help as well, Genrise takes into account the importance of finance and creates an environment where the students can earn a fair amount of stipend while they are studying.


The vocational course certificate earned while studying in Germany through Genrise, shall be equal to degrees in India and Germany.

 Free of cost training

The entire training cost shall be covered by the German Government.

 Equal Pay

Germany believes in leading a happy and equal life, hence there shall be no discrimination based on nationality. Indian students will be paid on a par with German citizens.

 100% Job Placement

Candidates will be guaranteed employment after completing their vocational course.