Open Seminar on Study and Work in Germany || Venue & Date: Monnet House -10, Masjid Moth, Greater Kailash-2, New Delhi, 26th June 2022

Why Choose a Nursing Career in Germany?

Nursing is a dynamic, highly skilled profession that focuses on health promotion, prevention, and the care of physically ill, mentally ill, disabled, and dying people of all ages, communities, and health care settings. Nurses have a wide range of responsibilities, from contributing to a patient’s health, recovery, or dignified dying to policy development, research, advocacy, and teaching.

Benefits of nursing career

Personal satisfaction

Nurses are an essential link between doctors and their patients. Every situation is different, but the patient will often communicate with the nurse rather than the doctor. Many nurses consider nursing to be one of the most fulfilling careers.

High job flexibility

One of the few extremely flexible careers is nursing. Nurses can work wherever they choose. It is possible to work part-time, full-time, or contract-based. You are capable of completing all of them. you can take time off for employment and find work quickly When you return to the field. You can work three days in a row and then take four days off or even work full time.

Work in multiple locations

Nurses can work almost anywhere. It’s up to you where you work. If you work as a freelance consulting nurse, you can travel to most places and work for a while before moving on to another location.

Job Security

A prominent perk of a nursing career is job security. Nurses will always be an important element of the healthcare system, and hospitals would not be able to operate without them. Nurses are always able to find work, even in times of economic turmoil. With the ageing population, the career prospects for nurses are bright. For anyone considering a career as a nurse, job security is a huge plus.

Why is Germany an ideal place for higher education?

 Germany is a haven for higher education. German universities are world-renowned, there are several courses to choose from, and degrees earned in Germany are globally regarded and highly marketable. German living costs are low as well.

Germany is one of the most popular international student destinations in the world. Approximately 357,000 international students study in Germany, a number that keeps growing.

The Indian scenario in a nursing career

While Indian nurses are expected to do a better job, the education system for nursing in India isn’t adequate because we lack effective educational oversight and control

Although most schools have experienced nursing staff, recently graduated students are permitted to fill lecturer roles at colleges. Low salary is the primary reason for teacher shortages. The University and Nursing Council should investigate this matter and take action to address the issue. You will not be a successful nurse if you lack the necessary clinical skills and training. There are no clinical postings for final year students in a few universities, which is a worrying issue because they would not be able to thrive as nurses without clinical experience. Numerous other issues add to these problems too like Insufficient physical infrastructure, Inadequate educational infrastructure and resources for training clinical skills, Teaching faculty members face a lack of advancement and possibilities, when compared to worldwide standards, the curriculum is woefully inadequate, Instruction is solely didactic, Students do not have enough housing and Insufficient clinical experience.

Hence, India is not a very good place to study nursing.

High demand

The myths of nursing careers have created a shortage of nurses despite world-class healthcare. However, giving in to the growing demand, Germany is hiring nurses from around the globe.

Nurses are needed in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, disabled people’s dormitories, outpatient social services, rehabilitation centres, and even vocational schools. The high demand and guaranteed placements in Germany create ample opportunities for you!

Friendly work schedule

Germany is one of the top 10 countries to Understand and value your needs, there are flexible working hours of 38-40 hours per week, paid overtime and extra shifts, and 5-6 weeks of paid vacation per year. In Germany, you work hard and relax hard too. This system allows you to balance your time for other obligations outside of work.

 Well Paid Salaries

Not just your present but Germany takes care of your future too. To move to a foreign nation and leave not only your job but also your comfort zone, you must be seeking a lucrative compensation package that will make your move worthwhile. A handsome paycheque is what we all desire in life. Moreover, Germany’s nursing jobs are well-paid. An Indian nurse can earn 2100 to 3900 Euro. This amount varies depending on your level of expertise, education, location, and shift

Career Advancements

The career opportunities for nursing in Germany shines quite bright. Starting as nurses in specific units, you might be promoted as team leaders based on your performance. Higher up in the hierarchy, you will have the chance to change your career to entirely academic by training nurses in vocational courses.

Germany emphasizes a lot on education. So, if you want to upgrade yourself, or try out something fresh, Germany is the place for you! With almost 200 courses to choose from in this field, you can boost your career both in terms of talent and salary. Most of these courses are offered part-time so that you may continue working while studying and might even secure scholarships.

Fresh Culture & Community

Making Germany your new home can give you a wave of fresh cultures and experiences. Located in the heart of Europe, it is the most commonplace for immigration. It is also connected to other beautiful places which give you a perfect vacation or weekend getaway.  Germans are known for their productivity. They maintain professionalism and hate getting late for meetings. These cultural contrasts, together with the diverse workforce, will open your eyes to new methods of handling difficulties at work. This helps you learn better methods of working and improving yourself.

How can Genrise help to set up your career in Germany?

Genrise gathers demand for global skill shortages and, based on the requirements, trains and places young Indian workforce workers. Genrise aims to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of skilled workers in these nations by equipping Indian citizens with the necessary linguistic skills and skillsets to secure lucrative job offers abroad.

By meeting the demands of both trained employees and employers, Genrise offers a win-win situation. International language-proficient Indian individuals find plenty of training and career opportunities abroad, while foreign firms gain competent, youthful, and dynamic personnel to help them grow their company.  Indian individuals are placed overseas in well-known firms that offer good pay, attractive work environments, and many added advantages thanks to the wide network of foreign employers across nations in multiple disciplines.